Unwarranted Gambles Of Poker Winners

"In poker, winning a big hand is exhilarating and losing a big hand is depressing. These emotions may carry over into subsequent hands, with players more likely to take unwarranted gambles after winning and less likely to do so after losing."

- G.Smith M.Levere R.Kurtzman, Poker Player Behavior After Big Wins and Big Losses

This academic research shows that some players get lloser after big wins and you may expect some players to clam up after loses. These findings are consistent with Doyle Brunton's Super System, which recommends loose-aggressive play after big wins in order to bully opponents into submission. Watch for opponents behaviours after big wins or losses, and if they are tightening up then consider the opportunities to bluff or dominate them. Likewise, over-aggressive winners may be taken down if you catch them bluffing when you have the nuts.


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