Avoiding Tilt

Roy: "I told you you'd get into trouble. It's because you don't know how to manage anything. I should know - I'm your accountant."

Oscar Madison: "If you're my accountant, how come I need money?"

Roy: "If you need money, how come you play poker?"

Oscar: "'Cause I need money."

Roy: "But you always lose."

Oscar: "That's why I need the money."

Roy: "Then don't play poker."

Oscar: "Then don't come to my house and eat my potato chips."

- The Odd Couple, 1968.

If you find yourself going through a patch where you always seem to lose, take a small break - an hour, a day, or a week. Even a short time away from the game can be enough to break a bad run of losses, and soon you will be able to afford those potato chips once more.


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