Killing Two Birds With One Straight

Dr. Gregory House: [giving poker advice over the phone to Wilson] Go all in.

Dr James Wilson: You obviously want to bust me. Why would you —

Dr. Gregory House: Either you go all in or I tell everybody in the building that you're wearing toenail polish.

Dr James Wilson: I'm all in.

Dr Lisa Cuddy: I'll call. I'm betting you have a pair of threes, but even if you have three, it's not going to beat triple nines.

Dr James Wilson: [turning over his cards] Oh, oh, oh no, oh no! Oh, Ohhh that's gotta hurt.

Dr. Gregory House: What happened?

Dr James Wilson: I just killed two birds with one straight. Goodbye.

Dr. Gregory House: Fine, keep playing, but I need you to recommend a good Oncologist because if I don't get one up here in the next few minutes, I got a dead 6-yr-old.

- House, MD., 2006

Never get goaded (or blackmailed!) into making a particular bet by your opponent. The person driving you into that bet probably doesn't have your bankroll's best interests at heart!


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